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Happy 1st of Halloween, mutha fuckas!(

Happy 1st of Halloween, mutha fuckas!(

Ben Affleck On His Time in Detroit Filming Batman: It Felt Right

Ben Affleck has spent basically his entire summer in Detroit filming Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice.  Actually, he’s been staying a mere two blocks down from my house, but unfortunately not once did I see him or Jen or anyone strolling around the neighborhood or any shit like that.

During his stay, it appears that he’s taken a liking to our fair city and the cars that we are known for producing (technically, their made in Canada, Mexico and a number of other states but FUCK that we made that shit! *eye roll*).  In an interview with our local paper he had this to say:

“I went and got a Ford and got a GM car and traded in Japanese cars that I had,” he said. “I know there are Japanese cars built in Kentucky now, and the world’s a complicated place and so on. It felt right. It felt right to contribute to the economic well-being of this area.”

"It’s been really inspiring to see ways that people here are working and plugging away and rebounding and dedicating themselves to the city,” he said. “There’s this whole kind of spirit here of, `Hey, we’re on the comeback’ kind of thing.”

So yeah, there ya go.  Ben likes it in Detroit -  probably the closest thing we have to a real Gotham City.

- Steve

Episode 2 “Gotham” Reaction


This weeks episode of Gotham did more to establish the show in my eyes.  This won’t be as lengthy as the initial review, I promise.  What I’m going to do is run down my likes and dislikes of this weeks episode without revealing any big spoilers.


- Seeing the development of Penguin has become interesting.  They seem to be giving him a more maniacal personality than the cunning, sane version I’ve been accustomed to reading.  While this is a similarity to the Batman Returns version, played by Danny Devito, his appearance is less grotesque and his origin is a complete 180 from the Tim Burton version.

- We finally see young Selina Kyle act like the Selina Kyle we know and love.  While I’m still not sold on the actor, the look, or her place in this story I will say that seeing some of the future Catwoman was refreshing.

- I’m not yet sold on this version of Alfred.  The Alfred I know has his shit together.  Always.  He knows what to do and knows exactly what Bruce needs.  It’s an interesting take, and kind of reminds me of the Alfred from Batman: Earth One.  Though I have to admit that I’m longing to see an excellently composed butler beginning to raise, and mold, the future Batman. 

- Detective Gordon has become a little more badass and it’s great.  Ben Mckenzie remains the strong point of the show and his character is developing nicely.  Honorable mention goes to his significant other Barbara Kean played by Erin Richards.

- Lastly, the story is moving in a more enveloping direction and away from the ‘Law and Order’ structure it hinted at in episode one.  I’m very pleased with this.  If you gathered that I wasn’t all too happy with the season premier, than know that this second episode has made strides towards improvement.

I’m looking forward to next week, and apparently so is the rest of America.  The ratings results from week one showed a small 13% drop.  Remember there was a marquee Monday Night Football matchup with the Patriots playing the Chiefs.  So, overall this viewer return to the show after the first week is impressive and promising.  



First appearance of the batman… Ever.


First appearance of the batman… Ever.